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Spaced Station Stonehenge

Spaced Station Stonehenge

Spaced Station Stonehenge

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Product Details

Spaced Station is the premier protective display and organizational system designed explicitly in support of the connoisseurs' counter-culture lifestyle.

Ground-breaking universal design catering to medical vaporizer enthusiasts & discerning vitreophiles alike, the launch of the Spaced Station brand realizes the vision of a robustly functional and attractive centralized showcase for delicate scientific smokeware apparatuses.

Tasteful contemporary style resonates through an intuitive physical sensibility serving to showcase and compliment any collection, consistently enhancing the preferred lifestyle experience while protecting your investments through quality American craftsmanship and engineering.

Spaced Station's Stonehenge is the premier universal protective display and organizational system designed to support the average moderately sized scientific glass smokeware apparatus and relevant operational accessories.

Chromed support columns engage a protective halo, creating a robust framework of support around your investment. The pivoting collar is secured by a convenient positive locking mechanism which features an easy-close function accomplished with one simple motion.

Innovative industrial powder coated component construction provides a uniquely durable and easy to clean finish. Features entirely custom illustrations engraved directly into component surfaces for a subtle appearance that seamlessly blends professional aesthetics with unmistakable style.

Smokeware & Accessories not included. Patent Pending. Made in the USA.

Supported Apparatus Dimensions:
Neck Diameter: 3"
Base Diameter: 6"
Vertical Clearance: 10"
Overall Height: 13" minimum - 36" max

  • Stonehenge supports the average moderately sized Glass Smokeware Apparatus and the following accessories:
  • Slide Holder Array: Display three of your favorite 14.5/18.8mm slides.
  • Storage: Fresh product and waste containment through two standard pint jars.
  • Lighter Array: Three standard Bic® lighter locations for true space cadets.
  • Grinder: Medium-size, 2.5" max diameter.